Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where's My Baby, Where's My Man?

I used to be able to say that about half of my friends were married and had kids, and half were like me - single and childless.

Damn Facebook to hell for throwing my ratios out of proportion! At least when I was in a 50-50 category, I didn't feel so bad about not having a relationship or family of my own. Now, I see pages and pages of people I went to school with, profile pictures and status updates with pretty little babies, and wedding photos. Ugh, I feel so lonely and old.

My biological clock is all I can hear some days. The loudest TICK and TOCK echoing through every vessel, every cell of my body.

I have always subscribed to the theory that there is just one person out there that truly matches us, from head to toe, through and through the soul. So, where's my man? My fear is that I'll meet him when I'm in my 50's or later, too late to have kids. All dried up. And more important to me anyway is the actuality of having a child of my own. So, where's my baby? I'm very near the point of finding a random stranger somewhere, getting knocked up, and having a baby on my own, just to quench my thirst.

But, I'm holding on, every day, to the idealistic hope that it'll happen the "right way". And someone will love me, and we'll make babies together. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Because there are a lot of wierdos here in Vegas, and I'm not too keen on the idea of procreating with most of them so far.


  1. Julie the more of your blog I read the more I admire You. Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly with us. I admire your drive, and your courage, and wit, and humor, and martha stewartness, ha. Any way You are an awesome human being and I am certain, that there is no way these dreams of yours will not be realized. You are to amazing to be passed by. Everything in it's own time. I know you have been waiting but it will come. Be patient as you are but be certain as well. If you put it out there you will get what you ask for. Love Ya -Kellyn

  2. Screw all those married procreators they're miserable and envying you.


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