Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Generation X

I have always thought of my generation as the best. I'm not sure if other people, in other generations feel the same way about their own, or if it's just me. But to me, generations before us were a bit clueless, and generations after us, a bit spoiled.

Us X'ers have seen and done a lot of things in our lifetimes. We've gone from Atari, to Nintendo, to the Xbox. We've gone from Repulican to Democrat to Republican, and back to Democrat. We've seen the Berlin Wall come down, the Towers collapse, Katrina, and Haiti, just to mention a few. We've gone from rotary phones to cordless, to cellular and beyond. We remember HAL, and today, use a computer that fits in our pockets.

We adapt, we hope, we yearn for even more change. And we love. We are forgiving, strong, and talented. We explore, we work, we challenge ourselves.

Today, on Facebook, a fellow Gen X'er said it all...."you can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine". -Shelley Purves Scarborough

That sentence, my inspiration for this blog post, sums up how I feel about my generation. We will always overcome loss, pain, and strife. We will always rise above. And we will always be grateful for the world we live in, and how we live in it. And if we don't like it, we'll change it.....because we can. Because we shine without sun. We rock like no other generation! We are unique, if only in how hopeful we remain, and how much we believe in ourselves.

Thanks Shelley!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"I love you" - What does it really mean?

I realize that in my life, on a daily basis, I say "I love you" quite a bit.

I've had a lot of friends throughout my life who save their "I love you's" for special occasions, or for what they'd call "true friends" or family. I understand that, to a point. But, why reserve love? Why hold back? Why not just let yourself feel it, and say it, and feel it again when it's said back?

What does it mean, "I love you"? For some people I think it means, "have a good day", or "take care", or "goodbye, talk to ya later". I just finished a chat with a good friend of mine, and at the end of it, we both said our "I love you's". I'm pretty sure it meant just that, especially because this particular friend was one of those who, at times, reserves the statement for important people. How do I feel about that? Important.

Does "I love you" mean more from people who reserve it for the "special" ones in their lives?

What do I mean when I say "I love you"? Sometimes I mean that I love your spirit, your humor, your beauty, your smile, your friendship, your caring heart. Sometimes I mean I love that we can relate about something. Sometimes I mean I love that you love me. But, regardless, I always mean it. And I say it A LOT.

There are infinite ways to love. There is infinite opportunity to love. It is the most important thing in the world, to love someone or something.

Are there different degrees of love? Or is love just love. I love my cat. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my cozy bed. Shall we lump them all together, or do we somehow create a love chart to define the difference, the importance of each thing loved? I could never say I love one person more than another person, even though I might like one more than another. But, a love-ranking system for people just seems like it's missing the point. Either you love someone or you don't, right?

The only thing I know for sure about love is that it's the right thing to do. No, it's not always easy, and no, it's not always fun. Sometimes it's downright awful. But for the most part, love is all we need. Love for our children, love for our friends and family. Love for ourselves. Love for our work, our home, our pets, our coffee creamer. Every bit of love we feel for, or from another thing, or what keeps us going.

If you got shot in the heart, you'd die. The heart is the symbol for love. Coincidence? If you got shot in the love, you'd surely die. For, what would be the point of living without it?

Love something or someone today - and tell them (or it) about it. Even if that means you have to say to a slice of cheese, "I love you!"

Today, I've already told the coffee pot I loved it, my cousin, and a good friend heard it too. Now I feel like calling everyone I know and saying it some more. Dr. Drew, sign me up! I have a love addiction! ;)

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