Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where I Belong?

My cat is curled up on my bed, snoring. I wish I could sleep like my cat. I wish I could sleep, period. It seems as if most nights I sleep for about 4-5 hours, get up, fuel myself with coffee, and think about when I can possibly fit in a nap, which never happens.

Lately, besides writing my NaNoWriMo novel and trying to build my pumpkin bread business, I've had a lot of things going on. I've been babysitting my neighbors' son, he's 8 years old. He's a really good kid, actually, and I'm glad to have him around most days. I'm teaching him about business, and philanthropy. He's making jewelry to sell in my Etsy shop online, and half the proceeds are going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Like I said, he's a pretty good kid.

My friend, one of my old poker players from home - Toby, was in town about a week ago. He stayed at my place for a few days - and what a riot that was! Toby has a lot of energy and is funny as shit. He's about my age, has got fiery red hair, and grew up with about 10 siblings, so he's got a really great sense of humor. And he LOVES Vegas. He really does it right when he's here. Inevitably, I drop him off somewhere at around 9:00pm, and he calls me around noon the next day, totally wasted and lost, and asks me to come find him and bring him home. So I do. And I love it. He's hilarious when he's that wasted, pure entertainment.

Toby's two favorite sayings this trip:

"Giggety" - sometimes "Giggety-Goo" For him, this means "cool" I think. Or "awesome". Or something like that.....I think.

"Indeed" - this is literally every other word out of his mouth. Me- "Toby, we need to get a burger." Toby- "Indeed". Me- "Let's have a beer" Toby- "Indeed". Me- "Don't you have any other words to say besides 'indeed'?" Toby- "Indeed". You get the picture.

The first night he stayed at my place, we stayed up all night and drank, and played online poker, until we both fell asleep sitting up at about 5am. We fought like crazy people while playing poker online - and god, it was fun! We would be full-on just yelling at each other about how stupid our play was, and then start cracking up and shadow-boxing. Toby's like another brother. And almost nothing ever bothers him.

After I picked him up from downtown one day, we stopped at "In-N-Out" to get a burger, and the line was so long, we went inside. I don't even know how he was walking at that point. We sat and waited for our food, and watched the burger-makers and fry-cutters and order-takers do their work.

"They're like bees in a hive. They move so fast." Toby is astounded.
"It's busy. Lotta burgers to make, I guess."
"I've NEVER been inside an In-N-Out before, wow." Toby is having a revelation.
"Pretty exciting."
"I worked in fast food for two summers, and I think everyone in the world should have to do that, before they can get a real job. Ya know, so they know how bad it can be. And always strive for something better." Toby is reflective.
"Not a bad philosophy."
"I don't think I could wear the hats though. They're pretty gay." Toby is serious.
"I don't know, I think they're kinda sexy." I smile. "and the big huge safety pins they use to pin their aprons on, now THOSE are hot!"
"Wow! I didn't even SEE the safety pins!" Toby is excited.
"Yeah, makes 'em kinda 'grunge', ya know. A little edgy."
"Yeah, the safety pins really make the outfit." Toby is laughing.
"I'm about to chew my arm off, I'm starving, aren't you hungry?"
"Yeah, I think so, I don't know, probably. Why did you come pick me up? A big drunken mess. Why would you DO that? I can't believe you came and found me." Toby is rambling.
"I told you, I picked you up because I wanted you to buy me lunch. And I figured you'd owe me if I picked you up. I was hungry, that's all." I laugh and he laughs back.
"I think I'm gonna just shut up and put my money where my mouth is." Toby is reciting the same song that's been stuck in his head since he got here, but it fits, and we both start laughing hysterically.

Needless to say, it was great to have a bit of home around for a few days. I miss my friends there. I miss playing, and dealing poker there. And I miss just having someone to call when I want to go hang out. Vegas is a strange place, with strange people. On the outside, they look normal, but in reality, they are all reclusive, degenerate gamblers. Or just plain hermits. And as I type this, I have just declined a Thanksgiving invitation so that I can stay at home and cook for myself. Maybe this is where I belong, after all.

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