Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You!

I need to stop a moment to say "Thanks" to a few folks...

To L.B. at paradiseknitting.etsy.com for featuring me and my pumpkin bread in her blog, topetsyfinds.blogspot.com which highlights "Top Etsy Finds" she searches out. An altogether altruistic and sweet woman, she also was the first to donate to my "32 Things" fund. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To J.O. at joshark04.etsy.com for being my very first out-of-state pumpkin bread buyer! Wahoo! Thank you!

And to my Mom who is one of my #1 fans. Beside being a source of constant encouragement, support, and premier editing help, she has graciously ordered me up a vacuum-sealer and a Kitchenaid mixer for supreme pumpkin bread production efficiency!

Lastly, to my brother Scott, who is my other #1 fan. Also an encouraging force who has been supportive in many ways, including helping to pick out the perfect pumpkin bread mugshot.

To everyone else, from Facebook, Myspace, and beyond...I'm not for a moment forgetting how wonderful and supportive you all have been this week. It's truly amazing that only 6 days ago I started this blog and since then; a business (with profit already!), new friendships, and new hopes, and new dreams, and new purpose.

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