Saturday, October 24, 2009

32 Things - A Reminder

Well, as my brain's swirling with all things "pumpkin bread", I have lost sight of my "32 Things" list a bit. I did attempt some stretches the other day, but no exercise lol - unless you call walking to the apartment office to mail pumpkin bread exercise lol. I haven't been on any dates. I haven't seen a movie or taken any photographs. Apparently, I'm just a big slacker! But I've still got a little under 9 months to get it all done - and this pumpkin bread stuff is just way too fun!

Anyway, as a reminder to myself, and perhaps to everyone else (who can help me keep on track), I am reposting my original "32 Things" blog today:

Recently, my Mom turned 60 years old. We talked about starting a blog and I suggested she write a list of 60 things she wanted to do as a 60-year-old. I took my own advice and made a list of 32 things I want to do as a 32-year-old. It's in no particular order, but I plan on trying to achieve them all during the nine remaining months of my 32nd year of life. Here's the list:

1. Lose 32 pounds
2. Read a book a month
3. Start my pumpkin bread business - DONE 10/17/09 YEY!!!
4. Quit smoking
5. See the Grand Canyon
6. Get a massage at least once a month
7. Do a fundraiser
8. Pay off 2 personal debts
9. Attempt to publish a poem I wrote into a children's book
10. Stretch 5 times a week
11. Clean my fish tank
12. Plan a trip to Norway to meet my brother Geir
13. Go on 10 dates
14. Write a cookbook for single people
15. Create a blog - DONE 10/14/09 :)
16. Plan a friend retreat with my 10 closest friends
17. Take artistic photos once a month
18. Start painting again
19. Write an article for a poker magazine
20. Play one poker tournament a month
21. Do NaNoWriMo
22. Buy a house
23. Rebuild my credit
24. Learn yoga
25. Learn how to dance
26. Take a class
27. Exercise 3 times a week
28. Go to a movie bimonthly
29. Try a new food each month
30. Start writing a book
31. Explore Las Vegas bimonthly
32. Have lunch with Oprah and chat about life

1 comment:

  1. love this list, about half of them are on mine too!!

    meeting your bro in Norway sounds like a top priority :)


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