Friday, October 16, 2009


How does a single person know when it's time to do the dishes?

Well, for me, it's when the dishwasher only holds a butter knife, one tupperware container, and two pot lids from the load before. And all the other dishes in my house are in the sink.

The hierarchy of dishes in my life goes something like this; coffee cups, bowls, spoons, plates, forks, glasses. Let me explain...

Since coffee and cereal are the two main staples of my diet (besides cheese), coffee cups and bowls and spoons are most important.

When I have used my favorite coffee cup, I move on to my Newport cup, then on to the small brown coffee cups, and lastly, the big white coffee cups. When all coffee cups are soiled, it's time to do the dishes. Drinking coffee in a glass, or from a bowl is too lazy, even for me.

And when I have used all plates, forks and glasses, things have gotten out of hand. This is the case today.

So, I'm proud to say, the dishwasher is running! I feel like somehow I'm saving the planet too...the fuller I pack my dishwasher, the less I waste water and energy, right? And soon I'll have a bowl to eat cereal from, and a spoon to eat it with. Happy day.

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  1. That was the same for me when I was living alone, it was coffee cups, spoons and bowls for sure! But dishes were wayyyy easier back then lol. I want a blog!


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