Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dealing Poker - Meet My Players

I deal poker at a casino here in Vegas. It's off the "Strip", on the east side of town. Most days I enjoy my job, and my players. We have a lot of locals play in our room and one by one, I am giving them my own secret nicknames. Something to make me smile, my very own inside joke commentary while I work.

Frank reminds me of Fred Flintstone, but shorter.

Art laughs like Elmer Fudd, and kinda resembles him physically too, but older.

"The Missionary", Donnie, is the most missionless a--hole I've met at the table in a while. I don't yet have a real nickname for him, as I can't come up with one mean enough. And he's an idiot.

Greg makes me laugh all the time - the Comedian. Always commenting under his breath about people at the table or people walking by. Just plain old-fashioned degradation - funny as shit. He kinda picks on the old ladies that play and that bugs me, but most of the time it's still funny.

Ron #1 is my favorite teddybear trucker. Big ball of sweetheart.

Ron #2 is funny and inappropriate. He wants me to be his sugar-mama. Ha.

Doug is my favorite card-throwing, tantrum player. Gotta love him.

Tiny has his own nickname, an obvious one for a big, bearded biker.

There's a couple of Nick's too. Nick the Croatian. What an ego! But strangely attractive and altogether aloof. And Little Nick. He's got some disability that makes his body from the torso up exactly proportionate for a regular-sized man, but tiny, short little legs leave him about 4' tall - maybe. He reminds me of Benjamin Button in his early years.

There's more, tons more, but for now...welcome to my world at work - and the people who give me things to laugh about - and things to wonder about - every day.

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